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Hemp is Making a Splash on The Big Island of Hawaii

Hemping the future with sustainable fashion is becoming popular on the Big Island of Hawaii. The Big Island is known for attracting those seeking a higher vibrational life style. Rather you’re a hippie wearing Hemp or a business person we plan to have something for everyone. We are living in exciting times as we witness Industrial Hemp […]

Juicing Raw Cannabis Making It’s Way Into Mainstream Consciousness

   Juicing Raw Cannabis Making It’s Way Into Mainstream Consciousness With the increasing popularity of juice bars and smoothie shops all over the US, it’s clear that the growing awareness of the healing and tonifying properties of fresh pressed juices are making their way into mainstream consciousness. Today I want to share with you one […]

When People Feel Their Best They Glow, They Shine, They Radiate

When People Feel Their Best The Glow, They Shine, They Radiate   When people are feeling their best they glow, they shine they radiate… And one of the obvious indicators of well being, is clear, beautiful, hydrated skin… Think about all those nights, you stayed out too late and maybe had a little bit too […]


It seems as though Turmeric is on the forefront of Social Media. I see more and more reports on the natural healing effects of Turmeric. I have been using Dazey Hemp Mineral Peel which contains Turmeric on my face for five years now. I truly am amazed at the results from combining Dead Sea Minerals, […]


Have you often wondered why Hemp and Cannabis look like the same exact plant? A dear friend of mine once informed me that she could not use my Hemp products because she has to take drug test. I was first confused by this statement. It was then that I realized this was going to be […]

Sock Drive For The Homeless In Los Angeles California

“SOCK IT TO ME” FOR THE HOMELESS STREET ANGELS! We are so happy to announce that we are joining forces with other conscious companies who are making a difference in our hometown of Los Angeles. Have you ever wondered how the homeless keep their feet healthy while walking everywhere they go? We have learned from […]