When People Feel Their Best They Glow, They Shine, They Radiate

When People Feel Their Best The Glow, They Shine, They Radiate


When people are feeling their best they glow, they shine they radiate…

And one of the obvious indicators of well being, is clear, beautiful, hydrated skin… Think about all those nights, you stayed out too late and maybe had a little bit too much fun.  You know, the days sunglasses were made for.

Hydration and moisturization are elemental considerations for our skin as we are constantly exposed to environmental factors and the increasing demands of our hectic lives. Not to mention our skins natural adaptation to the aging process. Man or woman. We all go through it.

Hemp seed oil is made from the hemp plant – Cannabis Sativa –and It contains 50 – 60 % linoleic (LA) and 19% linolenic (LNA) acids, as well as many powerful antioxidants and it closely matches our skins natural lipid profile which makes it ideally suited for use in skin care and cosmetics.


Since 2011, Dazey Hemp Skin Care has been making quality, all natural, vegan skin care products, which additionally, are not tested on animals.The complete range, which includes a Mineral Peel, an Extreme Creme and a luscious body wash and lotion, utilizes the complementary effects of Hemp Seed Oil, Dead Sea Salt, Turmeric and Green Tea. Each of these ingredients has powerful healing properties alone but combined together, they work magic.


People rave about the powerful effects Dazey Hemp Skin Care has had on their complexions, it helps calm red, inflamed skin. The Extreme Creme helps skin to retain it’s natural moisture without being heavy or oily. The Mineral Peel helps revive a dull, lifeless complexion without having to spend hours at the estheticians office

Made in California, Dazey Hemp Skin Care was one of the first companies to recognize the unique and powerful benefits of Hemp Seed Oil when used on the skin. It’s like a miracle in your mirror, everyday.