What is so special about Dazey Hemp’s “Extreme Creme? Well, the good news is that it has helped me personally with a skin condition called Rosacea. We are told there is no cure for this red inflamed condition that seems to target fair skinned people. I was diagnosed by a Beverly Hills dermatologist back in the late 90’s. I tried the expensive prescription cremes. I even tried laser treatment during that time. The pinkish sunburn look for me as a working actress and model during those years effected the way I felt about my skin. I have never liked wearing a lot of foundation but found myself caking it on to cover up the reddish tint in my face. Fast forward to 2010 when I began studying the healing benefits of Hemp Seed Oil. I have always been drawn to natural healing. I am that girl that will look up every all natural remedy out there before I will go to a doctor. The more I learned about HEMP SEED OIL the more inspired I became. During this time I began feeding my family and animals Hemp Hearts. Hemp Seeds are a known SUPERFOOD that you can buy in your local Health Food Stores. It is a great source of PROTEIN, FIBERS and OMEGAS. When my 17 year old Pomeranian who was having a hard time walking suddenly turned into a spring chicken my eyes began to open even more. I soon found myself  as an understudy to well known Third Generation Medicine Man who called himself an Herbal Doctor. During this time I also learned about the healing effects of Dead Sea Minerals. I started reaching out to different skin care chemist on line. Turns out there was one close by to wear I was living at the time. I had been using Dead Sea Products and I could tell they were helping with my Rosacea. It was then that DAZEY HEMP SKIN CARE WAS BORN. I have been using “EXTREME CREME” for four years now. I work with an amazing all Natural Chemist in California. I can stand behind these ingredients because since 2011 I have seen many people turn their skin around just as I did. There is so much information on the healing properties of Dead Sea Minerals as well as Hemp Seed Oil. These two have been around since the beginning of time. We do not have to use chemicals on our skin in order to get results. Mother nature gave us everything we need! We do not have to spend over a hundred dollars on fancy cremes. I will even go as far as to say everything your skin needs could be right in your very own kitchen. I have found great success with washing my face with Apple Cider Vinegar. It seems to remove toxins and other unwanted elements on my face. Then I use Dazey Hemp Mineral Peel w/ Organic Green Tea & Turmeric . I leave this Peel on for about 25 Minutes! Then it is time for my most favorite creme on the planet. “EXTREME CREME” My skin is addicted. I am addicted to the way it makes my dry skin feel without being oily. I can honestly say I will use this “EXTREME CREME” for the rest of my life! That is why I can get behind these products and never stop until the whole world catches on! Why? Because IT WORKS!



passionate founder of Dazey Hemp,

Tonya Watts